2010-03-07 14:02:43 by Magnezw

Is anyone else having trouble submitting art or is it just me...



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2010-03-07 15:56:19

I read something about a week ago where even mods were having trouble uploading art, and there has been some more recent complains in the forums as well so I guess this goes for everyone/users with similar computer stuff (EX it COULD affect all linux users or something like that).

Something a mod said worked for him was if he uploaded the picture first and then filled in all the fields (as in preloading the file in the uploading slot and then filling in all the "paperwork" once the file had been uploaded), or something like that.

If you want some possibly more accurate and helpful information, try looking through the latest pages in the Where is/how to forum, and by pages I mean every art related thread in the page and its current five pages of threads (just look for art and/or uploading error in the headline).

Magnezw responds:

Thanks! It seems that a script is defective withing IE.